My name is Anders, and I´m from Norway. I love to be creative and use my imagination to make films and videos. I have studied movie-directing and DOP (director of photography) at NordlandCollege of Art and Film in Lofoten, Norway.

Today I work a lot by making fiction films and documentaries. I have also directed the full length feature film "Til siste hinder" (Eng: "Coming home") which had a premiere in Norway 24th of August 2011 and has been screened on cinemas all over Norway, and are now sold to European countries! My dream is to make a new norwegian Sci-fi movie and get it famous on cinemas all around the world =)

On this channel, you can see a lot of movie making tutorials, videos were I show my new gear for movie making, and also some of the shorts I've made.

I hope you enjoy my movies, and if you subscribe, you will se more of my stuff in the future! :)


Handheld Filming - The Great Advantages

Let me explain why handheld shooting can improve your videos! Support the channel and join our filmmaking community: The past ten years, I’ve been working as a freelance filmmaker. And what I’ve seen is that more an more clients ask me to document events. Events where I don’t have much time to rig, where I don’t have time to direct people and stage scenes. It’s all about scanning the location with your eyes and ...
19:00, 26 декабря 2017

Aputure 300D [The incredible strong filmmaking LED lamp]

We are back with a new filmmaking video about the incredible strong LED lamp Aputure COB 300D! Support us by becoming a Patron: The Aputure COB 300D will give you as much light as 142000 lux at 0.5 meters with a Fresnel mount, which makes it approximately equivalent to a 2000 watts tungsten lamp or a 400 watts HMI (those lamps are way more expensive, are warmer, heavier and bigger). In addition to being a strong...
19:28, 14 ноября 2017

We are soon back with a new series!

Send in your 1 minute video here within Nov. 1st: Join our Patreon here: Good news! We are in the process of creating a composing series for the YouTube channel (in addition to those typical Andyax videos) and we might start soon. Regarding that, we need scenes that we can compose music to. That's where you come in! We got eight different genres to chose fro...
17:30, 17 октября 2017

How I ended up directing a Feature Film I’ve been asked several times: What is your tip on becoming a successful filmmaker. I don’t think it’s one easy answer to that, but let’s go back in time and see what I did to reach my dream of becoming a full-time filmmaker. It all started with the fascination of being able to create my own fantasy worlds. And of course to see my friends fighting infected humans in the goal to save the planet, hehe. I enjoyed u...
22:32, 14 сентября 2017

Will there be more of Andyax?

Support us and get access to our exclusive community! Music by Thomas Leypoldt: Facebook: Andyax Productions Instagram: Andyax_Youtube
18:13, 24 августа 2017

Behind The Camera Hack Ep.4 (Post-production & Premiere)

Welcome to the post-production and premiere of The Camera Hack! Do you want to see more videos from us? Support our channel here: Since post production is such a complex process, I have divided the video into chapters: 01:18 - PC FOR PREMIERE PRO 06:45 - EDITING/EFFECTS 16:00 - COMPOSING MUSIC 25:45 - STUDIO DUBBING 32:48 - SOUND DESIGN 46:45 - VFX 51:20 - PREMIERE 59:00 - IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT See all behin...
12:00, 15 августа 2017

Behind The Camera Hack Ep.3 (Filming the advanced scenes)

It's time to shoot the dramatic action scenes! We'll show how we light the scenes, how we do creative shots with the camera in addition of many other important aspect of a indie film production. While filming the big action scenes we also go through how we make people disappear while moving the camera using the iFootage S1A3. With over 15 people on set, a lot of weapons, cars and costumes, good planning is essential. Even though I took to much...
18:58, 25 июня 2017

In memory of Eskild Fors [1988-2017]

Dear everybody. The most terrible thing has happened. We have lost our good friend Eskild Fors. He died suddenly from us, following an acute depression, May 16th 2017. - - - Eskild. We miss you so much. You were always there for us. Always. It’s difficult to comprehend what wonderful person you were and how much you affected our lives. Your smile, your joy, your humor, your thoughtfulness, the helping hand, your ability to be the good frien...
17:04, 18 июня 2017

Behind The Camera Hack Ep.2 (First days of shooting)

It’s time to start shooting! In this behind the scenes episode of The Camera Hack, we’ll take a look at rigging lights with affordable lamps like the Aputure Amaran, Aputure Light Storm LS1S, Aputure M-9 and Aputure 120T. We’ll go through some of the aspects of shooting a scene and explain blocking, motivating lighting, moving light etc in addition to how we used the Aputure DEC Lens Regain and iFootage slider s1a3. For sound recording, we u...
18:04, 14 мая 2017

Behind The Camera Hack Ep.1 (Crowdfunding & Pre-production)

Making films are challenging. In this four episode behind the scenes series, I want to share my experience of making the crowdfunded sci-fi Youtube film "The Camera Hack"! I hope we can all as an indie filmmaking community, learn something from it :) In this first episode, we'll take a look at the challenge of making a crowdfunding campaign for an indie film, in addition to other important preparations such as finding actors. Due to some circ...
18:00, 18 апреля 2017