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Top 3 TKL (Tenkeyless) Keyboards for Gaming & Office Work

Tenkeyless (TKL) keyboards have really been gaining popularity and these some of the best we've found. The Logitech G Pro, Tesoro GRAM Spectrum TKL and Massdrop CTL are all awesome tenkeyless gaming designs in their own way. Support Hardware Canucks & buy through our affiliates: Logitech G Pro Keyboard: Tesoro GRAM Spectrum TKL: Massdrop CTRL: NZXT H500: http://geni.u...
17:52, 19 ноября 2018

The Best Youtube Camera We've Used! Sony A7iii

The Sony A7iii has become our Youtube camera of choice and is also one of the best video cameras of 2018. Not only is it priced less than many of the alternatives but the image it produces is amazing. There are some issues though. Support Hardware Canucks & buy through our affiliates: Sony A7iii: *LENSES Sigma 18mm: Canon / Sony Adapter: Sony 50mm: http://geni...
17:31, 16 ноября 2018

Radeon RX 590 Review - AMD Strikes BACK... Sort Of

The AMD Radeon RX590 is a "new" GPU that's based on old technology. But our performance benchmarks may tell a different story when the RX590 is compared against the RX580 and GTX 1060 6GB. Support Hardware Canucks & buy through our affiliates: GRAM Spectrum TKL: MSI RX580 Armor: MSI RX580 Mech: PowerColor RX580: Sapphire RX580: http://ge...
13:59, 15 ноября 2018

Intel i9- 9980XE Review - ANOTHER Skylake Refresh?

The Intel i9-9980XE is an expensive processor that's supposed to perform well in benchmarks against the AMD Threadripper 2 2950X. But at $2000 its VERY hard to recommend. Support Hardware Canucks & buy through our affiliates: Threadripper 2950X: Thermaltake Riing Trio: G.Skill Trident Z: X299 STRIX-E: Subscribe ► Rev...
14:00, 13 ноября 2018

Samsung Galaxy Note 9 - A Long Term User Review

After a full three months of being used as primary smartphone, its time to give the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 a proper user review of its camera, battery life and more. There has certainly been some issues but its also a great device. Support Hardware Canucks & buy through our affiliates: Phanteks Digital RGB Kit: Halos Fan Rings: Subscribe ► Review unit provided ...
16:30, 09 ноября 2018

The LG G7 One Is WAY Too Expensive!

The LG G7 ONE was supposed to be an affordable mid-tier phone. But now that prices have started to come out, its time to set the record straight. This is NOT affordable in most regions... Subscribe ► Gear list: Panasonic GH5 - Panasonic GH4 - Panasonic G7 - Canon C100 - Sony RX100m3 - Sigma 18-35mm F1.8 -
15:02, 08 ноября 2018

Steelseries Rival 650 - The Heavyweight Wireless Mouse!

The SteelSeries Rival 650 is one of the best wireless gaming mice we've tested in 2018 but is its performance equal to a high price. More importantly, can it compete with the cheaper Logitech G Pro Wireless? Support Hardware Canucks & buy through our affiliates: SteelSeries Rival 650: ASRock H370 Performance: ASRock H370 ITX: FAVE GAMING MICE: Wired --- Logitech G PRO...
18:11, 07 ноября 2018

This Headset COOLS Your Ears! HP Omen Mindframe

The HP Omen Mindframe is the first gaming headset that actively cools your ears while in use. But does it actually work or is it more of a gimmick? Are these the best affordable gaming headphones you can buy? Support Hardware Canucks & buy through our affiliates: Toshiba RC100: HP Mindframe: HD58x: GSP500: Subscribe ► Revie...
00:23, 06 ноября 2018

The ALMOST Perfect Notebook - Razer Blade 15 Base

The Blade 15 Base is a new, more affordable addition to the Razer gaming notebook lineup. It's one of the best all-round laptops for gamers and creators in 2018...except for a few small issues. Support HWC & buy through our affiliates: Razer Blade 15 Base 1TB: Razer Blade 15 Base 2TB: Toshiba XS700: Subscribe ► Review unit provided free...
16:00, 03 ноября 2018

The Silent AIR COOLED Gaming PC!

Our search for the quietest gaming PC is going into air cooling territory! But does an air cooler provide enough cooling for an overclocked 9900K? Remember this CPU was a challenge for our water cooled system..... Support HWC & buy through our affiliates: Silent Base 601 Black: Silent Base 601 Orange: Noctua NH-D15: Noctua NF-A12: Lian Li S...
00:51, 01 ноября 2018