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DIY Wireless On OFF Remote for LED Video Lights

Remote Wireless DC Relays: Read more: If you have a set of led lights (or other battery powered device) that you want to turn on and off from a distance, here's a simple idea using an inexpensive set of Wireless DC Relays. To keep things fairly universal I decided to make an 'inline' cable that has a male and female D-Tap connection. But you can actua...
04:06, 13 сентября 2017

GoPro HERO5 Karma Grip Gimbal and DJI Spark Drone - Random Video

Karma Grip Stabilizer: GoPro HERO5 Camera: DJI Spark Drone: Random video with the #DJI #Spark #Drone and #GoPro #HERO5. Used the #KarmaGrip stabilizer with my GoPro. Shot in 2.7K linear which has less distoration and 60p for the slo-mo. Music from Jukedeck - create your own at
01:53, 07 сентября 2017

DJI Mavic Pro or DJI Spark Remote Simple iPad iPhone Mount

iPad (tablet) holder: Cheap phone clamps: TIP: With a few spare parts you may already have laying around, you can put together a solid adjustable Smartphone or Tablet Holder for the #DJI #MavicPro remote or #DJISpark remote. A simple camera Quick release plate, a mini ball head, and clamp for your Smartphone or Tablet
01:36, 07 сентября 2017

Panasonic GH5 CineLikeD ISO 1600 48fps VFR CAME-TV Prophet Gimbal

GH5 4K camera: 7-14mm Lens: DJI Spark Drone: CAME-TV Prophet Gimbal: I like the look of slow motion with the GH5, so I wanted to try shooting an entire real estate demo in 50% speed. For this I used the 4K / 48fps VFR setting(conformed to 24p) on the Panasonic GH5. Now because of the 48fps setting, I needed to set my shutter speed to ar...
15:25, 03 сентября 2017

Panasonic GH5 + Venus Optics Laowa 75mm F/2.0 Ultra Wide Angle

Laowa 7.5mm Lens: GH5 Camera: Prophet Gimbal: Panasonic GH5 + Venus Optics Laowa 75mm F/2.0 Ultra Wide Angle Lens. Read more about this:
23:07, 29 августа 2017

Quick Look - Gen Energy Shock Proof V-Mount Batteries

Shock Proof V-Mount Batteries: More about Gen Energy Batteries: Most people have heard about Gen Energy V-Mount batteries earlier this year at NAB or the Cinegear Expo touting their 'Shock Proof (drop proof)' design, but here's a quick video talking about other clever features you'll find in these V-Mount batteries. Outside of feeling conf...
21:24, 22 августа 2017

Falcon Eyes DVR-160TVC LED Ring Light - Quick Look

Falcon Eyes LED Ring Light - Read More: Summary: The Falcon Eyes DVR-160TVC LED Ring light is good for closeup type work that needs broad diffusion. Color temp and quad section controls allows for more creativity, and option to power from Sony L-Series batteries are a plus. One issue is the camera bracket needs to be attached in order to mount th...
02:55, 16 августа 2017

Panasonic GH5 + DMW-XLR1 Audio + CAME-TV CAGE + Azden Microphone

Panasonic GH5: XLR Adapter: CAME-TV Cages: Azden SGM-250CX Microphone: The DMW-XLR1 is a clean simple audio adapter for the Panasonic GH5. This will give you better audio quality and more flexibility for capturing audio. I also show you a few CAME-TV cages that can be used seamlessly with the adapter mounted on the Hotshoe of the camera, ...
18:51, 21 июля 2017

Tentacle Sync TimeCode Generator Sync Multiple Cameras and Audio Recorders FAST

Tentacle Sync: Read More: Timecode is a simple way to sync Multiple Cameras and or Audio Recorders quickly with frame accuracy. Cheaper consumer cameras may have an option to reset timecode within, but after a short period clocks begin to drift apart between your different cameras. This is because they don't have accurat...
18:23, 11 июля 2017
00:56, 27 июня 2017