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Gen Energy Shock and Short Circuit Proof Batteries

Gen Energy Batteries: We're taking a look at the brief look at the new 'Short Proof' batteries from Gen Energy. This is a new feature they've added recently to their already 'Shock Proof' batteries. Very durable products, more info:
17:58, 23 апреля 2018

GH5s Camera Auto Focus Pull Feature

Panasonic 25mm Lens: Panasonic GH5 Camera: Cinevate Duzi V4 Slider: Using the automatic Focus Pull feature found in the Panasonic GH5 and GH5s cameras (and other panasonic cams). Here i’m using the Cinevate Duzi Slider and the lens is a cheap Panasonic 25mm F/1.7.
04:10, 05 апреля 2018

Use iPhone iPad as Monitor Crystal-800 Long Distance Wireless Video System

Crystal-800 Wireless Kit: Read: The Came-TV Crystal-800 is a wireless video system that can take an HDMI input and send the video feed up to 800 meters. One stand out feature is that you can also use your iPhone, iPod Touch, or an iPad as a wireless video monitor. The receiver automatically creates a wifi network ...
06:28, 26 марта 2018

Building My Blackmagic Design Micro Cinema Camera Rig

Micro Cinema Camera: BMMCC Cage: Top Handle: Video Assist Monitor/Recorder: V-Mount Plate + Canon Dummy: Compact V-Mount Battery: 15mm Base Plate: Follow Focus: 15mm Pico plate: Full info:
17:13, 14 марта 2018

Rycote Super Shield Microphone Windshield Blimp - Made Smaller

Rycote Super-Shield: Rear Pod: Azden SGM-250CX: Read More: Here's i'm putting together the small version Rycote Super-shield Microphone Windshield (a.k.a Blimp) over my Azden SGM-250CX microphone. And then i'm replacing the front pod to make it extra small. Read more:
18:26, 06 марта 2018

Sling Studio Live Switcher Updates General Overview

Sling Studio: A general look at the Sling Studio Live Switcher showing some of the updates they have rolled out over the last few months. Sling Studio can be used for Live Production / Live Streaming. Read more
19:16, 27 февраля 2018

Sony A7R3 4K Video with 24-70mm Color Grade

Sony A7R3 4K Video with 24-70mm Color Grade. The image typically doesn't have noise, but I might have gone overboard with the Film Grain. Was trying to go for gritty and dirty..
19:00, 27 февраля 2018

CAME-TV Crystal-800 Use iPhone iPad as Wireless Video Monitor

CAME-TV Crystal-800: A peek at a prototype version of the CAME-TV Crystal-800 Wireless Video Kit. It works like any standard video kit, transmitting long range. But a huge feature here is that the Receiver also creates it's own WiFi SSID that you can connect to from an iOS Device. With an APP on your iPhone, iPod Touch, or iPad you can then get access to the live feed turning your iOS device into a wireless moni...
16:55, 18 февраля 2018

GVM Affordable High CRI LED Video Light Panels

GVM LED Lights: Read More: GVM Affordable High CRI LED Video Light Panels. While I find the build quality, overall output, and Color Rendering excellent at this price point, there are a few 'quirks' one should know about the GVM 520 and GVM 672 LED Light panels. I've mentioned a few of them through my video review, but the stand out 'quirk' for me would be...
19:06, 15 февраля 2018

LACIE 6big Thunderbolt 3 6-Bay RAID Storage ARRAY

Lacie 6big RAID: Read more: Thanks to B&H and Lacie for sending out this 6big Thunderbolt 3 6-Bay RAID Array for me to try out, and I have to say it's certainly my made my workflow a lot more productive in many ways. In order to feel confident about this system, i've been running it full time as my primary external drive for well over a month before posti...
21:01, 07 февраля 2018