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RailsCasts is produced by Ryan Bates (rbates on Twitter and ryanb on GitHub). A free episode will be released on the first Monday of each month featuring tips and tricks with Ruby on Rails. The screencasts are short and focus on one technique so you can quickly move on to applying it to your own project. The topics target the intermediate Rails developer, but beginners and experts will get something out of it as well. A Pro option is also available containing more screencasts each week.


Ruby on Rails - Railscasts #263 Client Side Validations

Showing validation errors inline as the user is filling out the form can lead to a better use experience. Learn how to do this using the Client Side Validations gem.
08:41, 02 апреля 2015

Ruby on Rails - Railscasts #264 Guard

Guard watches files and runs a command after a file is modified. This allows you to automatically run tests in the background, restart your development server, reload the browser, and more.
08:40, 02 апреля 2015

Ruby on Rails - Railscasts #265 Rails 3.1 Overview

This is the first episode in a series covering Rails 3.1. Here I show how to install the beta and show some of the new features.
08:40, 02 апреля 2015

Ruby on Rails - Railscasts #266 Http Streaming

HTTP Streaming allows the browser to start processing the HTML response while the Rails app is still processing the rest of the request.
08:40, 02 апреля 2015

Ruby on Rails - Railscasts #267 Coffeescript Basics

CoffeeScript allows you to write JavaScript in a concise, elegant fashion. Here I convert JavaScript code to CoffeeScript in a Rails 3.1 app.
08:40, 02 апреля 2015

Ruby on Rails - Railscasts #268 Sass Basics

Sass extends CSS with variables, nesting, mixins and more. Here I show how to convert plain CSS to SCSS in a Rails 3.1 app.
08:39, 02 апреля 2015

Ruby on Rails - Railscasts #269 Template Inheritance

In Rails 3.1 the controller inheritance also applies to the view layer. Here I show how to add an application template which is shared by all views, and a lookup path for overriding templates based on the subdomain.
08:39, 02 апреля 2015

Ruby on Rails - Railscasts #270 Authentication In Rails 3.1

Here I show off three new features in Rails 3.1 that will help with authentication: easier HTTP Basic, SecurePassword in the database, and forcing SSL.
08:39, 02 апреля 2015

Ruby on Rails - Railscasts #271 Resque

Resque creates background jobs using Redis. It supports multiple queue and comes with an administration interface for monitoring and managing the queues.
08:38, 02 апреля 2015

Ruby on Rails - Railscasts #272 Markdown With Redcarpet

Redcarpet is an easy-to-use gem which interprets Markdown. Here I show how to customize it and add syntax highlighting through Pygments and Albino.
08:38, 02 апреля 2015