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Ahhh Yeah! Welcome to Tech Connect on YouTube. I love to create high quality video reviews. Here you'll find reviews on media players, cameras, smartphnes,, PCs, apps, and lots of other gadgets that you never knew you couldn't live without.


Minix Z83-4 Pro Windows 10 PRO Mini PC Review

Hardware from the video: Z83-4 Pro LIIR Wireless Keyboard Mouse (great cheap battery efficient mouse) USB extender Monitor (with wall mount) Notes: I forgot to mention it has dual band 802.11 b/g/n/ac Wi-Fi and of course bluetooth 4.2. Also it has an upgraded GPU over the original Z83-4 CPU comparison Z8350 Vs Z8300 http://cpubos...
21:20, 27 августа 2017

Probox2 AVA review

Hardware: Probox2 AVA Remote+ 2GB 2.5in hard drive 4TB 2.5in hard drive (amazon) 4TB 2.5in hard drive (newegg) $134 special over SSD for Probox2 AVA USB 3.0 64GB adoptable storage My USB 3.0 thumbdrive Miy 128GB micro sd card 1080p webcam tested working http://a...
01:43, 20 августа 2017

Greenworks Cordless Electric Lawn Mower Review

Review of the Greenworks MO40L410 cordless electric lawnmower. Hardware: 20 inch mower with 1 battery & charger 21 inch mower with 2 batteries Extra 4Ah battery Extra 4AH battery on Amazon Extra 2Ah battery Extra charger Pros and Cons: Pros: Lightweight even easier to pus compared to my self propelled husq...
14:34, 03 августа 2017

Best Gear For YouTube Version 2.0

This video is for people intermediate YouTube for little while and are ready to get serious about video production. Hardware in video: Hardware list: Soft boxes 2 pack (I recommend single bulb soft box and replace bulb with LED rather than the 5 bulb boxes) LED bulbs (I use 20W version mostly) Sony AX53 camcorder Expended batteries for Sony AX53 Son...
16:08, 25 июля 2017

Samsung DeX - Quest For The Ultimate Android Desktop PC

Sale on the DeX here Remote+ LiiR wireless keyboard My phone Galaxy S8+ (unlocked) Recommended cases: Samsung crystal case SLEO case SLEO black case Leather case Minimal case round up video Pros and Cons: Cons A fe...
12:38, 21 июня 2017

Gear 360 2017 Edition Plus Comparison to the Original Gear 360

Gear 360 2017 version Gear 360 2016 version Good 360 cam selfie stick/tripod Manfrotto mini tripod Bigger much better Manfrotto mini tripod X-shot selfie stick 256GB Samsung U3 micro SD card Additional info: You will need the newest version of Samsung action director software encode G...
03:30, 27 мая 2017

Samsung DeX - Turn Your Galaxy S8/Plus Into an Android Computer

Get the Samsung DeX here This thing is pretty sweet. Its called the Samsung DeX and it turns your Samsung Galaxy S8 into an Android computer. I'm really impressed and I'll have a full review soon. Full review coming soon. Software: Tapet - Music:
23:25, 12 мая 2017

The Best Accessories For The Galaxy S8

Hardware shown in video: Samsung Galaxy S8 (unlocked) Gear 360 (2017) Lexar micro sd card (for gear 360) Awesome selfie pole w tripod Belkin car cup holder mount Anker wall charger and battery iring LK ultra clear case Samsung clear thin case
02:52, 09 мая 2017

Best Minimalist Cases for the Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus

Galaxy S8+ (plus) cases: Slim leather case: Maxboost mSnap case Spigen Liquid Crystal TPU case SLEO hard case (white and black) LK transparent TPU case Galaxy S8 (none plus) cases: Leather slim case Maxboost mSnap case Spigen Liquid Crystal TPU case SLEO hard ...
03:12, 23 апреля 2017

GH5 Video Quality Test VLog + Comparisons to the Sony a6500

Hardware from video: Rode video mic pro R Wind cover Manfrotto mini tripod Manfrotto quick release (highly recomended) GH5 12-35 F2.8 Lens (international version same but cheaper) My 4K 60 FPS micro SD card Sony a6500 16-70 Zeiss lens (international version $350 c...
03:10, 18 апреля 2017