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How to Become a Better Web Developer - My Thoughts

There is one question I get quite a lot: How can I become a better web developer? For sure there is not one single way to grow as a web developer but let me share my thoughts about this topic and give you a bit of a guideline in this video! ---------- Want to learn something totally different? Check out all other courses: ---------- • You can follow Max on Twitter (@maxedapps). • And you should of co...
15:00, 19 сентября 2018

JS "this" and Function References - What is it all about?

The "this" keyword is the source of a lot of confusion in JavaScript world. So are function references (function calls without parentheses). What are "this" and those function references all about and why do you use them in JavaScript? ---------- Read the article: Starting Code: Finished Code: h...
15:00, 12 сентября 2018


You are working on a new feature in your project? Chances are that you created a separate branch for that purpose. But what if you want to add these changes to the master branch? Then MERGE or REBASE can be helpful, so let’s have a look at these commands! ---------- Git REBASE - official docs: Git MERGE - official docs: Want to learn something totally d...
16:00, 06 сентября 2018

MongoDB Complete Introduction & Summary

Learn what MongoDB is, its core concepts, how to use it, how to write MongoDB queries and what else the MongoDB ecosystem has to offer (MongoDB Atlas, Compass, Stitch etc.) ---------- NoSQL vs SQL: Installation Instructions: Query Operators: CRUD Operations:
15:00, 28 августа 2018

Git - The STASH Command

You're working on a new feature and you want to jump back to the last clean commit without losing your draft? Then "stash" is the Git command you're looking for! ---------- Learn the Git Basics: Download Git: Want to learn something totally different? Check out all other courses: ---------- • You can follow Max on Twi...
15:00, 22 августа 2018

Angular - "routerLink" vs "href" and Losing State

"Why does my app lose its state, after I reloaded it or switched between pages"? A question asked by you from time to time and answered by us in this video. Let's have a look. ---------- Source Code: Learn Angular in our Complete Guide: Dive into Angular Material:
15:00, 15 августа 2018

VueJS - CLI 3 Tutorial

Vue.js has a new CLI - Vue CLI 3 - (you can still use the old Vue CLI by the way). Time for a closer look at how it works, which features it offers and how you can get the most out of it. If you want to dive into Vue.js itself, take a look at my extremely comprehensive bestselling Vue course: ---------- Also dive into the official Vue CLI 3 announcement article: https://medi...
17:04, 10 августа 2018

AWS All Services Overview

Amazon Web Services (AWS) offers a HUGE variety of services. That's good in general but it can make getting started tricky. I'll navigate you through the AWS offerings jungle in this video. Learn more about the amazing serverless services offered by AWS: ---------- More great AWS resources: Want to learn...
15:00, 08 августа 2018

React.js vs Angular vs Vue

ReactJS vs Angular vs Vue - it's that old debate. How's the current status of each framework/ library? How do they compare regarding popularity, performance and usability. What's the key characteristic of React? What's the killer feature of Angular? Why is Vue interesting? Time for a partly subjective analysis. ---------- Don't miss the detailed article belonging to this video:
15:00, 31 июля 2018

SQL vs NoSQL or MySQL vs MongoDB

SQL or NoSQL? MySQL vs MongoDB? Which database is better? Which one should you use? Understanding the differences is important, so let's take a closer look! Don't miss the article on this video: Want to use MongoDB in a real project? Take my MEAN (Mongo, Express, Angular, Node) course: ---------- More on SQL H...
15:00, 25 июля 2018