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Legion Y730 - Lenovo Nailed It

My review of the Lenovo Legion Y730. A well priced gaming laptop with great build quality. Available Here - With an i7-8750H and up to a GTX 1050 Ti. The Legion Y730 from Lenovo has strong performance and has a thin bezeled screen. It is very well built for the price and has some of the best RGB laptop lighting in the industry. Background Music: Fili - H2O Follow me:
17:19, 21 сентября 2018

RTX GPUs - The BEST. But At What Cost?

Dave2D review of the Nvidia Geforce RTX 2080 and 2080 Ti. With Ray tracing and DLSS support, the new RTX Founder's Edition cards are the best GPU's on the market right now. They are the fastest and most powerful GPUs available for games but is it really worth? Available Here - Background Music: Fili - Momma Follow me:
13:02, 19 сентября 2018

I Found the Perfect Keyboard

The CTRL keyboard from massdrop is my perfect mechanical keyboard. Drop here - The CTRL has it all for me. TKL (87 Keys), Space grey aluminum, hot swappable switches, kaihua, cherry, halo switches, underglow lighting, QMK support a USB-C connection. This is a killer keyboard for mech enthusiasts. Follow me:
19:31, 10 сентября 2018

Is the Pocophone F1 Actually Special?

Review of the Pocophone F1 by Xiaomi. The best smartphone you can get for $300. Available Here - With a Snapdragon 845, 4000 mAh battery, Stereo speakers, Face unlock, up to 8 gigs of ram, micro SD storage, the Pocophone has an amazing set of features for the price. Definitely a nice addition to the budget smartphone market. Background Music: Fili - The Break Follow me: http://www.instagra...
15:16, 08 сентября 2018

The OnePlus 6T is Looking Awesome

The OP6T looks to have a couple nice upgrades. The notch looks like it’ll be reduced in size to a cleaner waterdrop shape and a in-screen fingerprint sensor could make a debut in a OnePlus Phone. It’s hard to find a phone in 2018 without a notch but the OnePlus 6T might have one of the smallest notches in the market right now. Coupled with a new fingerprint sensor built into the screen, the OP6T should have all the usual trimmings like a head...
17:03, 05 сентября 2018

Dear Tech YouTubers… Please Stop.

please stahp Follow me:
18:19, 01 сентября 2018

A CLICKY Custom Gaming Laptop!

Dave2D review of the Eluktronics Mech-15 G2. A thin and light gaming laptop with a mechanical keyboard that isn't crazy expensive Available Here - This is one of the only barebones laptops i like. It's a custom Gaming Laptop with clicky switches on the keyboard. It can be equipped with up to a GTX 1060 currently. It can also be loaded up with a 144hz screen, 32 gigs of ram, the i7-8750H all packaged in a thin and ligh...
16:03, 30 августа 2018

An Awesome Google Gadget for Students!

The Lenovo Smart Display is an inexpensive but highly useful piece of tech for students and back to school. Available Here - Running the Google Assistant, the 8" or 10" Displays have great speakers and can be used for webcamming, showing photos, watching videos, schedules, making reminders, setting alarms. There is so much stuff that can be done on this 200 dollar device. Music Credits: Fili - The Break Follow me: h...
19:22, 25 августа 2018

Nvidia RTX for Laptops

Nvidia Geforce RTX laptops are coming! Before I review them, here are some early thought on the mobile Turing architecture Acer Laptop on Sale - ASUS Laptop on Sale - MSI Laptop on Sale - Ray tracing looks to be the future of graphics acceleration but we're still a ways out from mainstream adoption of that technology. Look for Geforice RTX 2060 and RTX 2050 in upcoming la...
17:13, 23 августа 2018

Chinese Laptops Worth Buying

Huawei Matebook Pro X and the Xiaomi Mi Notebook 13 are 2 of the best laptops on the market for the price. Chinese laptops have always had good value and they are both now available from US retailers. Matebook Pro X - Xiaomi Mi Laptop - With an MX150 / 8th gen CPU these laptops are powerful for their size and priced well Background: Fili - Pressing forward Follow me: ht...
16:23, 18 августа 2018