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Lenovo Y530 - Thin Bezel Gaming For $930

Review of the Lenovo Legion Y530 - The best gaming laptop from Lenovo under $1000. Legion Y530 - With thin bezels and good build quality, Lenovo has heavily improved their Legion laptop this year. It's less expensive than the Legion Y570 but retains the performance. This is the cheapest gaming laptop I've seen with thin bezels like this. Configurable with a GTX 1050 Ti and 8th gen Intel processors, performance is very ...
15:14, 24 июня 2018

Laptops & Phones - Who’s the Worst for Customer Service?

Who has the best smartphone and best laptop customer support?Which company has the worst? Every brand has examples of TERRIBLE customer service. I've seen horror stories from every major tech brand out there, but some tend to be better and quicker at the process. This is a cursory look at the varying levels of customer support in the industry. I'd love to dive WAY deeper in and get data on processing, repair and shipping times from the differ...
20:44, 21 июня 2018

Top 3 Laptops For 2018!

Dave2D comparison of the best laptops in 2018 for gaming and editing. Comparing build quality, performance, speakers, keyboard, trackpad, battery life and price. Laptop Skins - MSI GS65 - Aero 15X - Razer Blade 15 - GM501 - XPS 15 - XPS 15 2 in 1 - LG Gram 15 -
20:56, 16 июня 2018

$230 Alienware Headphones - Why So 💰💰💰?

The Alienware Wireless Headset AW988 is Alienware's best gaming headphones. At $230, it's expensive but is it worth the money? Alienware Headphones - Steelseries - Steelseries Pro - Logitech - Alienware Mouse - With a 2.4 GHz wireless signal, great audio and a super comfortable mesh earcup, these Alienware headphones delive...
17:04, 13 июня 2018

Why I Like The OnePlus 6

My review on the OnePlus 6 after using it for about a month. Solid device but very much a OnePlus device. I'd consider it the best $500 phone on the global market. Neon Green Tea - Teal Glass Jar - Music Fili - Up Coast Follow me:
22:01, 09 июня 2018

The Laptop with TWO Screens - ZenBook Pro 2018

The 2018 Zenbook Pro UX580 has a 5.5" 1080p Screen on the Touchpad and is the best laptop for content creation from Asus Zenbook Pro - With a Core i9 and a GTX 1050 Ti, this 4k laptop delivers some of the best performance available for content creators. The 2nd screen provides a ton of utility and can be used as an extended display or using the Asus Apps from the Microsoft Store. Music Credits: Fili - Sunday Vibes Wa...
16:51, 05 июня 2018

ASUS Strix II - The Fastest Gaming Laptop Screen

My review of the ASUS ROG Strix GL504 SCAR 2. The best gaming laptop from Asus for FPS players. The Hero 2 for MOBA games has very similar hardware. Scar II - Hero II - With a 144hz - 3ms - thin bezel panel. The new Asus Strix gaming laptops are running the fastest laptop screens. GTX 1060 / 1070 options and i7 8th gen CPUs are well cooled in this awesome gaming laptop. Music: Fili - H2O Follo...
16:36, 04 июня 2018

Razer Blade 15 - The Smallest 15.6” Gaming Laptop!

Dave2D review of the new Razer Blade 15. Their best gaming laptop with a 6-core CPU + GTX 1070 MaxQ! Razer Blade Skins - Razer delivers a really strong device this year that matches excellent build quality, high end components with proper cooling in a really pretty package. The Razer Blade 15 is a significant improvement from the previous generation 14" Blade. User upgradeable storage and RAM is nice this year too.
18:22, 27 мая 2018

The Most Powerful Alienware Laptop!

Dave2D review of the 2018 Alienware 17 R5. The best gaming laptop that Alienware makes. Overclocked 8950HK + GTX 1080 AW17 - With the 5GHz i7-8950HK CPU, 32 GB RAM and an overclocked GTX 1080 running 8GB GDDRX5, the new Alienware 17 R5 is a monster performer. It is pretty heavy though at 4.4 kg (42.4cm x 33.2cm x 29.9mm). If you're looking for the ultimate gaming laptop from a reliable company with strong performance ...
20:06, 25 мая 2018

Razer Blade 15 + Core X - First Impressions!

Before my review of the Razer Blade 15, here's an early look at the best gaming laptop from Razer and the Razer Core X. Blade 15 - The Blade 15 is the world's smallest 15.6" gaming laptop with it's 4.9mm thin bezels and 8th gen Intel 6-core CPU. The Core X is an affordable external GPU with one of the biggest power supplies and can feed a full 100W to your laptop while fitting a 3-slot wide GPU in the box. Music Credi...
20:17, 22 мая 2018