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Flexible LED Light: FalconEyes RX 18TD Overview

LED panel lights have evolved! A few years ago we began seeing flexible LED lights which are nice for when you’re shooting on location, and especially when traveling. And we’ve seen some very nice improvements in the color quality produced by LEDs which make them much better than they used to be for video and film production. The trick has been that the flexible LEDs were rather expensive. The RX-18TD comes in at around $300 USD. Let’s see how...
06:12, 24 сентября 2017

Zhiyun Crane 2 Gimbal Review

3-axis motorized gimbals have become incredibly popular camera tools to smooth out movement while shooting video with a mirrorless or DSLR camera. The problem I’ve run into with the larger cameras is that many of the single handle gimbals don’t have quite enough power to really work with the larger cameras. That’s where the Zhiyun Crane 2 comes in - perfect for larger mirrorless and DSLR cameras and even has a follow-focus knob which works wit...
16:00, 16 сентября 2017

Zoom F4/F8 vs MixPre-3 and 6 Audio Recorder Comparison

Which audio recorder should you buy for your film or video project? Here we compare the Zoom F4 and F8 up against the Sound Devices MixPre-3 and 6. This new class of audio recorders have pushed the boundaries on what is possible with a sub-$1000 sound recorder. They produce stellar quality audio recordings. But it can be confusing to figure out which one may be best for you. Since I’ve worked with the Zoom F4 and F8 for over a year and several...
04:39, 10 сентября 2017

Audio Loudness in Final Cut Pro X with Free Plugin from Youlean

For those who edit in Final Cut Pro X, ensuring that your audio was loud, but not too loud, and consistent from video to video has been a challenge. Of course you could buy expensive plugins to help with this and often what the pros do (it’s the cost of doing business and broadcasting your pieces on TV). But for those who are mainly publishing to the web and working on VLOGs or passion projects, the budget for expensive software or hardware lo...
04:13, 03 сентября 2017

Voice Technologies VT500 Lavalier Microphone: Pro Quality Lav

We’ve had several requests to spend some time looking at pro-level lavalier microphones. In this episode we take a quick look at and listen to the omni-directional VT500 lavalier from Voice Technologies, a Swiss microphone company. For reference, we also have some sound clips from the Sanken COS-11D lavalier, one of the very common lavalier mics used by pro location mixers for film and video. And we include samples with male and female voice. ...
17:18, 25 августа 2017

RODE VideoMic Pro+ Overview

RODE just updated their very popular RODE VideoMic Pro to the VideoMic Pro+ here in late summer 2017. The new version of the camera-top shotgun microphone includes several new features which make it a very worthwhile upgrade or option for those looking for a simple way to improve their sound quality. In this episode we have a closer look at the new features and provide comparison sound clips from the older VideoMic Pro and the new Pro+. Link...
05:13, 20 августа 2017

Immersive Sound Recording: Sennheiser Ambeo Smart Headset

Sennheiser introduced their new Ambeo Smart Headset and were kind enough to send an early version to us to try out. I took it along on a recent canoeing day trip and put together a little sketch to get a sense for how it works. Pretty impressive, immersive sound with this set of binaural microphones/earbuds. For those not familiar with binaural recordings, this is a stereo recording where the microphones are placed at your ears. So the record...
15:38, 12 августа 2017

Timecode Demo with NanoLockit from Ambient Recording

What is timecode and when does it help make things easier for finishing your video or film project? When you’re shooting a project with a LOT of clips and you’re recording your sound separate from camera to get the highest quality sound, syncing can be a lot of work. Using the timecode generators like the Ambient NanoLockit can save you a lot of time. Here’s how it works at a high level. Links to Gear Discussed and Used to Record This Session...
20:42, 05 августа 2017

Atomos Recorders: Why do I Use Them?

Will an Atomos Ninja Inferno or Shogun make your video footage look 10 times better? Probably not, but I have found that the Atomos recorders are great tools which make getting better footage easier, more efficient, and in some cases you really can get better footage. In this episode we cover how Atomos recorders help filmmakers. Links to Gear Discussed and Used to Record This Session: —————————————————————————————————— Atomos Ninja Inferno ...
00:14, 30 июля 2017

Indoor Boom Microphones: Oktava MK-012, RODE NT5, Audio Technica AT4053b

In my efforts to help you choose a microphone for recording dialogue indoors, here is another comparison of three cardioid (to hyper-cardioid) options: The Oktava MK-012 (cardioid), RODE NT5 (cardioid) and the Audio Technica AT4053B (hyper-cardioid). We take a closer look and listen with female and male sample clips, demonstrations of off-axis sound rejection, off-axis phase issues or coloration, handling noise, self-noise, and my overall impr...
16:00, 22 июля 2017