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Welcome to my Channel! I like to review things that are interesting in the world of tech and sometimes whatever is just cool in general. You will find something you like no matter if you like Apple, Google, Microsoft, Independent Startups or accessories. For your viewing pleasure videos are now in 4K with a cinematic twist. Reach out to me on my social networks! Thank you for watching.


My Top 5 Best TECH of CES 2018!

Here are my Top 5 Tech Favorites shown at #CES2018. Too much to show you all in one video but here is my experience and what I am looking forward to. Let me know which one of them were your favorites! How many will make it to Best Tech of 2018? My Favorites were the Razer Project Linda, Samsung Wall, Sennheiser HD 820, LG 4K projector, LG 5K Ultrawide Display, Panasonic GH5s and Vivo built in display fingerprint scanner. Follow me on Social...
19:18, 15 января 2018

Best TV 's of 2018: 150" 4K Laser TV + Hisense TV’s with Alexa and Google!

I got to check out a 150" 4K Laser TV! Best TV's of 2018 Part 1 Available now 100" Laser TV here: I am starting out the best TV of 2018 in part one starting out with Hisense with the 100" and 150" Laser DLP Ultra Short Throw Projector, the updated Flagships the Hisense H10E and H9 Plus now with HDR 10 and Dolby Vision Support also run Android TV with built in Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa so your TV can be the hub of y...
15:41, 12 января 2018

What's in my Tech Bag 2018!

Here is What's in my Tech Bag for 2018. I am in Las Vegas for CES 2018 and this is what I am bringing to the floor to make some cool content. Let me know what your favorite item is in the Tech Bag and if you want to see more of the What's in my backpack type of videos. Support by engaging, commenting, liking and subscribing! OnePlus Backpack: Macbook Pro Skin: Kingston Nucle...
15:57, 11 января 2018

Best USB C Hub For Macbook Pro // Kingston Nucleum!

Kingstons First 7 in One Macbook Pro USB C hub is here! Its called the Nucleum. Perfect for anyone that has a Macbook Pro with Touchbar or any PC that has only USB C Ports. Pricing and Details - This USB C hub review is also perfect for Windows 10. This hub gives you back X2 USB C with Power Pass Through, X2 USB A 3.1 ports, HDMI with 4K output, SD Card and Micro SD Card. Cool Tech packed in to reduce EMI and h...
17:21, 08 января 2018

Casio G - Shock G Steel Connected Bluetooth Watch Review!

Here is my two week experience with the Casio G Shock G Steel Connected Bluetooth Watch. Its rugged with Shock resistance, 200M water resistance, metal or resin band and bluetooth connection for accurate time, quick world time change and a phone finder feature. Is this the best connected bluetooth watch thats not a smart watch? *Reserved for Casio link when officially released* Amazon 3rd Party seller - Sponsored by...
14:57, 04 января 2018

Best of Ultimate Smart Home // Noon SMART Lighting System!

This is the Ultimate Smart Home Lighting system with a OLED Display! Build the best smart home setup with one the best smart home lighting systems with Noon Smart Lighting. Create Layered lighting, turn your existing bulbs into smart bulbs, control them anywhere in the world with your phone and by voice with Alexa. Noon Lighting: Stay tuned for more of the best smart home tech and best smart home devices on the channel....
15:58, 22 декабря 2017

OnePlus 5T vs Essential Phone Full Comparison with Camera Test!

This is the OnePlus 5T vs Essential Phone Full Comparison with Camera Test! Reviews Soon. Try LastPass free: *Mistake on Video. OP5T has 16MP main Camera* Who has the best Android SmartPhone for Under $500? These two are best budget phones in their class so let’s see who has the better camera, software, performance and build quality. Sponsored by LastPass. Follow me on social media! Twitter:
14:01, 21 декабря 2017

Nissan Leaf 2018 First Drive Review // Best EV for the Price?

Here is my first drive and initial review of the brand new @NissanUSA LEAF 2018! The improved Zero Emission Electric car now has a 40 kwh battery with improved 147 HP and 150 mile range on a single charge, more standard features and Fast charging capabilities with 88 miles charge in 30 minutes that starts under $30,000! New Nissan leaf pro pilot is the first step in autonomous driving for Nissan! Is this the most practical and best EV car on ...
16:02, 12 декабря 2017

Huawei Mate 10 Pro vs iPhone X Full Comparison With Camera Test!

Here is my Huawei Mate 10 Pro vs iPhone X comparison with camera test! Make sure you watch my Mate 10 Pro vs Mate 10 video. Mate 10 and Mate 10 Pro review coming soon and Apple iPhone X long term review also in the works. How does the iPhone X stack up vs the Mate 10 and Mate 10 Pro? Watch to find out which camera tested better and what the best value for the money is. If you want to see more on the Mate 10 pro camera let me know in the com...
15:36, 10 декабря 2017

The REAL Pixel 2 XL // HTC U11 Plus Translucent Unboxing + Camera Samples!

The HTC U11 + is what was supposed to the the REAL Pixel 2 XL. The HTC U11 Plus was code named "Muskie" and was supposed to be the Pixel 2 XL before LG's version took its place. Lets do a HTC U11 plus unboxing and see if the HTC U11 + camera is as good as the Pixel 2 XL with a camera test! Stay tuned for a HTC U11 plus full review and see if the translucent model is worth buying. No Wireless charging could be a deal breaker! Is the HTC U11...
18:38, 30 ноября 2017