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Welcome to my Channel! I like to review things that are interesting in the world of tech and sometimes whatever is just cool in general. You will find something you like no matter if you like Apple, Google, Microsoft, Independent Startups or accessories. For your viewing pleasure videos are now in 4K with a cinematic twist. Reach out to me on my social networks! Thank you for watching.


Sony A8F 4K OLED TV Review After 2 Months (AF8)

The best 4K OLED TV for 2018 is a big race along with the LG OLED 2018 lineup but here is my Sony A8F/AF8 Review after using it for over 2 months. The Sony Bravia OLED AF8 does extremely well with picture quality and motion and the Sony OLED A8F has some of the best 4K upscaling in the business. With some of the best picture and acoustic surface audio the Sony A8F OLED or the Sony AF8 OLED could be a great choice looking for the best 4k tv i...
14:02, 18 сентября 2018

Future of Android Wear SmartWatches - YouTubers REACT!

The Qualcomm Snapdragon Wear 3100 Platform is here to power the future of Android Wear SmartWatches! More information on Qualcomm Snapdragon: There will be tons of new Smartwatches now thanks to Qualcomm’s Snapdragon Wear 3100’s new Architecture with a brand new Co Processor that will help with improved battery life, better Sports and GPS experience with Ambient mode and Always o...
13:00, 13 сентября 2018

iPhone X - My Top Accessories plus EDC! (2018)

These are my top iPhone X accessories that I carry with me every day! All of these should also work with the new Apple iPhone XS Plus, iPhone XS Max and iPhone XS (rumored names). I look at some of my favorite and best iPhone X cases like the audiomod battery case and accessories including custom Airpods. All these accessories make my iPhone X experience better and give me one of the best iPhone X setups out there. Let me know which iphone ...
13:07, 09 сентября 2018

Top Budget Smart Home Tech Under $100

Top budget smart home tech under $100 is here! Smart Home tour 2018 is coming soon as I complete my smart home setup. Don't miss this amazing deal. Pre-order Vector by Anki using my link on Kickstarter! Thanks to Anki for sponsoring this video. My smart home setup is coming along nicely and this list of best smart home tech under 100 dollars should get your smart home tech for 2018 started! I feel like the best aff...
14:08, 30 августа 2018

Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Ultimate Camera Test!

This video is shot 100% with the Note 9 making it the Ultimate Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Camera Test! 4 Disney Parks, 2 Days = 1 Epic Note 9 Camera Test! I test everything from the Note 9 4K Video to Daytime and low light photos, Live Focus, Super Slow Motion, Front Facing video, Audio and Much more! Let me know if you want more of these REAL WORLD camera tests. Galaxy Note 9 Review coming soon! Want a full Galaxy Note 9 Camera review? Follow...
17:02, 24 августа 2018

Galaxy Note 9 vs Note 8 FULL Comparison with Camera Test!

Here is the Galaxy Note 9 vs Note 8 Full Comparison with Camera samples. Note 8 vs Note 9 review is highly requested. Is it worth upgrading to the Note 9 over the Note 8? Is the Note 9 Camera better? Qualcomm Snapdragon 845: Galaxy Note 9 by Samsung could be the best smartphone of 2018 but is it the best time to buy a Galaxy Note 8? Check out the Note 9 vs Note 8 camera test comparison and let me know who you think wo...
15:02, 23 августа 2018

Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Unboxing with Camera Test

Here is my Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Unboxing with camera test and samples. Full Galaxy Note 9 review coming soon along with Full Note 9 Camera review and camera comparisons with iPhone X, Galaxy S9, OnePlus 6 and much more. Stay Tuned for my Galaxy Note 9 vs Note 8 video dropping this week! Do you want to see more on the Note 9 camera? Let me know for the Galaxy Note 9 review! Follow me on Social: Twitter:
15:12, 13 августа 2018

The TRUTH About the Galaxy Note 9: YouTubers REACT!

Here is the Ultimate Galaxy Note 9 Hands on! Epic Collaboration of YouTubers speaking their minds and reactions to the Note 9. Full Galaxy Note 9 Unboxing and Review coming soon along with a full Note 9 vs Note 8 video! Note 9 Camera review also in the works! dbrand skins: Follow me on Social: Twitter: Google Plus: Instagram: http://www.instag...
17:00, 11 августа 2018

Galaxy Note 8 after One Year: Should You Buy the Note 9?

This is my experience with the Galaxy Note 8. Is the Note 8 still worth it after 12 months or should you buy the new Samsung Galaxy Note 9? Full Galaxy Note 9 vs Note 8 Video coming soon. Before do a Galaxy Note 9 Unboxing and Review what videos do you want to see on the Note 9? Note 9 Camera Test? Comparisons? New S-Pen? dbrand skins: Follow me on Social: Twitter: Google Plus: ...
19:48, 08 августа 2018

The TRUTH About the Moto Z3 and 5G Mod: YouTubers REACT!

Moto Z3 is here with the 5G moto mod that should make this the first smartphone that is 5G upgradeable. If you want a full Moto Z3 Unboxing and Review let me know in the comments. I wanted to ask your favorite Tech journalists and YouTubers what they really thought of the Motorola z3. Is the Motorola Z3 the best budget midranger on Verizon or was it all about the 5G Mod and Qualcomm? Thank you to all who participated in the video. Boored...
14:18, 05 августа 2018