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DSLR Video Shooter is the place to find the best gear and techniques for making your videos better. You can expect to see the following on this channel:

I'm always checking out new cameras, lenses and other filmmaking gear. Most of the gear I check out are budget or intermediate level equipment. No RED Epics here!

I'm constantly learning new techniques and sharing them on the channel. You'll learn about lighting, audio, camera movement and rigging/gripping up budget sets.

I've got a serious DIY bug and am constantly making little audio devices, rigs and much more. Check out all my DIY videos here:

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$25 Sony a6500 Vlogging Mirror? Yes Please!

Vlogging without a flip out screen is tough but with this vlogging mirror/monitor, you can see the screen of your camera! The Vlogging Mirror is a device that works with cameras that have a flip up not out style screen. So if you have a Sony a6500, a6300, A7s or similar style of camera, you can now see your screen! Learn more about the Vlogging Mirror here: I'm very interested in seeing h...
12:30, 21 сентября 2017
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Who I Follow on Youtube - Wednesday Livestream 9/19

I show you my Youtube subscriptions and we chat about awesome channels on Youtube! I follow a mix of filmmaking/gear channels and other channels that cover my interests including tech, gaming and DIY/makers. What channels do you think I should be following? Let me know who I missed!
17:23, 19 сентября 2017

6 Ways to Use a 5 in 1 Reflector!

5 in 1 reflectors are crazy handy for video and photo work. In this video we cover 6 different ways to use a reflector to further control your lighting. My 5 in 1 Reflector on Amazon: You can get these reflectors in several different sizes and shapes depending on your needs. Here are a few I've worked with and like on a budget. 43 Inch Reflector on Amazon: 32 Inch Reflector on Amazon: http...
14:27, 19 сентября 2017

My Favorite Sony Lenses for Video

Here are the 4 Sony lenses I own and use for my videos. They aren't the most expensive but great for anyone looking to shoot great videos with Sony lenses and take full advantage of auto focus. LENSES MENTIONED Sony 18-105mm F4 Amazon: B&H: Works with crop sensors or FF crop modes. Sony 16-50mm F3.5-5.6 Amaz...
15:36, 14 сентября 2017
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Hard Drives & RAIDs for Video: Everything You Need to Know

We cover everything you need to know about picking hard drives, enclosures and RAID configurations for video production! In this live stream we will also look at putting together custom setups for video production and archiving. Subscribe for live stream notifications!
16:50, 13 сентября 2017

7 Camera Preamps I've Owned and Which Is Best For Your Budget

Today I test 7 of the camera preamps I've owned and like to see how they stack up! Using a preamp for your camera is one of the best things you can do for your audio as it will increase the signal from the microphone without introducing more noise. At least that is the idea! To save time in this video, I only tested the preamps noise. If you want to hear what each preamp sounds like with a voice, check out my various reviews below. Preamps 0...
15:33, 12 сентября 2017

5 Ways to Add a Headphone Jack To Your Camera

Do you have a camera without a headphone jack? Today we will cover some options for monitoring audio without a headphone jack on any camera. All these solutions will work for most cameras including the very popular Sony a6500/a6300 and Panasonic G85. Option 1: Use a monitor Any HDMI monitor with a 3.5mm headphone jack will work. Here is the monitor I showed you on Amazon: Also consider the amazing SmallHD Focus Monitor: ht...
17:50, 07 сентября 2017

How I Got Started In Video

I share how I got into video production and how DSLR Video Shooter started!
22:35, 05 сентября 2017

Using Colored Gels for Videos and Photos

Need some color in your lighting? Video and photo gels to the rescue! Using colored gels is one of the most controlled and budget friendly ways to color a gel. Who needs RGB lighting when you can add color to any video or photo light! GEL FILTER KITS Digital Juiced Correction Gels: Neewer Gel Kits on Amazon: ...
14:54, 05 сентября 2017

🔴 DSLR Video Shooter Live Q&A #2!

Lets hang out live! I'll be answering some questions, asking you guys some questions and chatting about gear and upcoming videos. UPDATE: Thank you for the patience with the technical difficulties. I have much to learn about live streams!
22:44, 31 августа 2017