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DSLR Video Shooter is the place to find the best gear and techniques for making your videos better. You can expect to see the following on this channel:

I'm always checking out new cameras, lenses and other filmmaking gear. Most of the gear I check out are budget or intermediate level equipment. No RED Epics here!

I'm constantly learning new techniques and sharing them on the channel. You'll learn about lighting, audio, camera movement and rigging/gripping up budget sets.

I've got a serious DIY bug and am constantly making little audio devices, rigs and much more. Check out all my DIY videos here:

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Win This Light! 250K Subscriber Giveaway

I'm teaming up with Aputure to giveaway a Light Storm LS 1/2w LED light. Enter the giveaway here: 1 Winner will receive a Aputure Lightstorm LS 1/2w which you can learn more about here: To enter you must subscribe to this channel (DSLR Video Shooter) and Aputure's Channel. Use the link above to join the giveaway and enter your email so we can contact you if you ...
16:31, 06 февраля 2018

12 Inch 4K Production Monitor - Lilliput A12 Monitor Review

Is bigger really better? Lets find out with this giant camera monitor that can monitor 4 cameras at the same time, has a native resolution of 4K and sports a display size of 12.5 inches! Lilliput A12 Production Monitor Amazon: B&H: PROS: Great size for checking exposure and focus Can monitor multicam setups up with up ...
19:38, 30 января 2018

Why People Are Wrong About The GH5s - Reason for No IBIS

Today we chat about the Panasonic GH5s and why many people are wrong about this camera. GH5s on Amazon: GH5s on B&H: For more information on the GH5s and why it has and doesn't have some of the features of the GH5, watch this video interview with Matt Frazer: For mo...
15:48, 25 января 2018

Panasonic GH5 Review For Video Shooters

FINALLY! Here is my review for the GH5 including reasons to love it and 3 reasons you might want to avoid buying this camera. Panasonic GH5 Amazon: B&H: GH5 Video Guide: The New GH5s Amazon: B&H:
16:12, 23 января 2018

Foldable LED Video Light! Intellytech LiteCloth LC-160 Review

The Intellytech LiteCloth is a 2x2 LED mat with a 160W draw and TONS of light output! In this review we look at how it works, how to light with it and if you should consider this LED mat for your videos. Intellytech LiteCloth B&H: Intellytech Store: Intellytech A...
15:52, 18 января 2018

Intellytech Pocket Cannon Review and Lighting Tutorial!

Today we look at one of my new favorite lights! The Intellytech Pocket Cannon is a bright LED fresnel light with a really solid build. This fixture is perfect for almost any video lighting setup. In the video I show you how it can be used as a key light, background scratch, kicker/rim/hair and more. Intellytech Pocket Cannon B&H:
15:21, 11 января 2018

Video Studio Tour 2018! Most Overkill Youtube Studio Setup

See how I have my video studio setup and what gear I use! All gear and other info linked to below. Panasonic G85 Amazon: B&H: Panasonic 35-100mm (Lens on the G85) Amazon: B&H:
16:39, 09 января 2018

What I Learned in 2017

This video wraps up 2017 here on the channel and I thought I'd share some things I learned this year. Thanks to all of you we've seen some great growth here and next year is shaping up to be a great one for learning video production! SEE YOU IN 2018!
16:30, 28 декабря 2017

DSLR VS LIVE! - Gear I Want Invented, Why CRI and TLCI Suck and More!

Today we talk about gear I would love to see invented or made, why CRI AND TLCI are both poor judgements of color and more! Links: Sekonic C700: Is CRI Relevant Video:
23:08, 20 декабря 2017

One Light to Rule Them All - Aputure 300D Review!

I knew the Aputure 300D was going to be a bright video LED light, but I had no idea how much power it would really punch or how easily I could light large sets with it! In this review we also compare the 300D to a 2K Tungsten and a Joker 400 to see if this LED light can replace traditional fixtures. Aputure 300D LED Light Amazon: B&H:
17:22, 20 декабря 2017