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DSLR Video Shooter is the place to find the best gear and techniques for making your videos better. You can expect to see the following on this channel:

I'm always checking out new cameras, lenses and other filmmaking gear. Most of the gear I check out are budget or intermediate level equipment. No RED Epics here!

I'm constantly learning new techniques and sharing them on the channel. You'll learn about lighting, audio, camera movement and rigging/gripping up budget sets.

I've got a serious DIY bug and am constantly making little audio devices, rigs and much more. Check out all my DIY videos here:

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Ultimate Streaming and Video Editing Desk Setup

Today we check out my desk setup for video editing, streaming, gaming and more! We also check out the lighting, audio and camera setups I use when streaming or recording videos at my desk. Full list of tech used below! Ikea Sit-Stand Desk Dell 4K Monitor Amazon: B&H:
18:10, 21 ноября 2017

5 Epic LED Fresnel Lights From CAME-TV - Boltzen Review

Today we finally check out the CAME-TV Bolzen LED Fresnel lights! These are quickly becoming my favorite lights in the studio due to their very bright output, bi-color temp and spot/flood fresnel capabilities. Check the links below for pricing and specs. CAME-TV Boltzen LED Lights Amazon: B&H: eBay: http...
21:53, 16 ноября 2017
прямой эфир

LIVE! Wireless Live Stream Camera Build - November 15 2017

Lets build a wireless camera for the live show! Hoping to use this for future live streams and it will allow me to take you guys around the studio with me LIVE! Nyrius ARIES Pro Wireless HDMI System on Amazon:
19:37, 15 ноября 2017

Best Cameras For Youtube - 9 Reasons I Recommend Panasonic 4K Cameras

What is the best camera for Youtube videos? I get this question a lot and in this video I'll break down why I think Panasonic mirrorless cameras are the best choice for Youtubers. Check the links below for recommendations. Panasonic G7 Currently $100 off! Amazon: B&H: My Review: https://www.youtub...
15:50, 14 ноября 2017

Studio Cleanup VLOG 001 - Monitor Production Cart Build

Today I FINALLY start cleaning and organizing the studio! We'll start with the mess of monitors, stands, recorders and cables in the studio. If you enjoy this sort of video be sure to subscribe as more are on the way! GEAR MENTIONED Ikea Cart: Baby Plate (Post) on Amazon: Friction Arm and Clamp on Amazon: ...
18:10, 09 ноября 2017

DSLR Video Shooter Live Q&A - November 8TH 2017

Got a video question or just want to hang with other filmmakers/youtubers? Lets chat!
23:18, 08 ноября 2017

Tiny Cinema Camera Kit for Under $250 - EOS-M Video Review

Want to shoot cinematic video on a budget or need a second camera? Check out this adorable little cinema camera setup that will only set you back about $250! Canon EOS-M Amazon: eBay US:
15:11, 08 ноября 2017

This Light and Mic Stand Changes Everything

Today I show you the best light stand setup I've ever used! Using a microphone arm, you can turn a light stand into the ultimate boom stand for lights microphones and so much more! Check out the parts list below. Subscribe for more videos! Rolling Light Stand Amazon: B&H:
16:08, 02 ноября 2017

DSLR Video Shooter Live Q&A - November 1 2017

Lets kick it and chat filmmaking and video production! Subscribe for more videos!
22:15, 01 ноября 2017

Massive Video LED Light Mat! Falcon Eyes 24TDX Review

Looking for a bright video light but don't want something bulky? Check out the Falcon Eyes 24TDX! 150W via a bi-color flexible LED mat! Lighting tests at 4:56. Falcon Eyes 24TDX Amazon US: Amazon UK: Amazon DE: Amazon Japan: Long Slim Version (29TDX): Amazon: Light Remote: Amazon: LIGHT SPECS:...
17:50, 31 октября 2017