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DSLR Video Shooter is the place to find the best gear and techniques for making your videos better. You can expect to see the following on this channel:

I'm always checking out new cameras, lenses and other filmmaking gear. Most of the gear I check out are budget or intermediate level equipment. No RED Epics here!

I'm constantly learning new techniques and sharing them on the channel. You'll learn about lighting, audio, camera movement and rigging/gripping up budget sets.

I've got a serious DIY bug and am constantly making little audio devices, rigs and much more. Check out all my DIY videos here:

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RGB LED Flex Light for Video! LIVE Review

Today we do a live review of the new Falcon Eyes RX-718 RGB light! You can find the light here on Amazon: Review starts at 4:26 My Live Streaming Gear: FALCONEYES RX-718 RGB LIGHT SPECS: - Output Wattage: Input: 192W Output:100W - Color Temperature: 2700K-9999K - Compatibility: AC Adaptor Sony V Mount Battery(DC) - Dimming: 0-100% step-less dimming ON/OFF Turning knob - Beam A...
23:06, 13 июня 2018

10 Things To Do When You Get A New Camera

Have a new camera or getting one soon? Here are 10 settings and accessories you should consider using with your new camera! Check the links below for specific gear mentioned. Sony A7 III Amazon: B&H: GH5s Amazon: B&H:
15:44, 12 июня 2018

Which Camera Will I Keep and Which Will I Sell? And the MERCH IS HERE!

I can't keep all these cameras! So which ones will I sell and which will I keep? SHIRTS AND MERCH FOR SALE: LIVESTREAMING GEAR I USE: SPONSOR THE CHANNEL!
22:11, 06 июня 2018

How Much Money Should You Charge For Video Work?

How do you price videos? What should you charge clients? How much does a video cost? All these questions get answered in this excerpt from a recent livestream with my good friend Corbyn Tyson. Corporate Video Guide: Full livestream with Corbyn Tyson: GEAR I USE FOR YOUTUBE: DISCLAIMERS: Some of the...
16:22, 05 июня 2018

DSLR Video Shooter Live Q&A!

Yet another livestream with my lovelies! Lets kick it with some production chat!
22:07, 31 мая 2018

Monitor Setup for Editing, Streaming and Gaming

Tour of my desk and how I use it to edit my videos, live stream and game! We'll also check out the new 4K BenQ EW3270U monitor. BenQ 32 Inch 4K Monitor on Amazon: B&H: VESA Monitor Arm Amazon: B&H:
17:10, 31 мая 2018

DSLR Video Shooter I'm Back! Live Q&A

Lets chat gear, filmmaking and youtube! Gear I use to stream: Subscribe for more videos!
22:18, 23 мая 2018

A Wide Angle Lens That Does Macro! Laowa 15mm Review

If you need a wide angle or a macro lens you might take a look at this incredible 15mm that does both! Laowa 15mm Macro Lens on Amazon: Also available on B&H: In short, the Laowa 15mm F4 Macro lens is a wide angle lens that can shoot 1:1 macro AND has a shift mode for landscapes and architecture. T...
16:18, 22 мая 2018

ProRes RAW Part 3: How to Edit and Grade ProRes RAW Footage

Editing and Grading ProRes RAW footage is an experience that will leave your jaw dropped for a long time. In this third part of my ProRes RAW series, we look at setting up projects for ProRes RAW and how to correct and grade the footage. Here is an outline of the ProRes RAW series: Part 1: What is ProRes RAW - Part 2: How to Film ProRes RAW - Part 3: Editing and Grading ProRes RAW (yo...
15:35, 21 мая 2018

ProRes RAW Part 2: How to Shoot ProRes RAW And The 3 Things You Need

Wondering how to shoot ProRes RAW? In this video I show you exactly what cameras and other accessories you need to start shooting ProRes RAW video! Here is an outline of the ProRes RAW series: Part 1: What is ProRes RAW - Part 2: How to Film ProRes RAW (you are here) Part 3: Editing and Grading ProRes RAW (coming soon) To shoot ProRes RAW you need 3 things. 1. CAMERAS Sony FS700R (you need the FS700 "R" model ...
19:41, 17 мая 2018