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The best of technology from gaming PCs to smartphones and everything in between. Whether it's finding out if that new gadget is worth it, deconstructing both retro and cutting edge tech or testing the latest smartphone you'll find it all here.

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Unboxing Weird Tech from My PO Box

Weird tech shows up at my PO Box sometimes... Trying Mystery Tech from Amazon: Subscribe! Instagram: Twitter: Facebook:
17:41, 22 января 2018

Building the Ultimate $200 MacBook

What happens when I take a 2009 MacBook and go WAY overkill upgrading it? Gaming on a $200 MacBook: Subscribe! Instagram: Twitter: Facebook:
15:01, 19 января 2018

Unboxing 2018's First Smartphone

Starting off 2018 right with a fresh smartphone unboxing! Honor View10: Subscribe and Follow Honor: #HonorView10 #Superfied Subscribe! Instagram: Twitter:
17:14, 16 января 2018

Best of CES 2018!

CES 2018 has some crazy technology but here's my favorite. Razer Project Linda: The Weirdest Tech of CES 2018: From the Sennheiser HD 820 headphones to the Sony 8K TV, Razer Synapse support for Phillips Hue to a $3500 In Win WINBOT gaming PC case and a $50,000 2.5D Casio Mofrel printer to an LG 5K UltraWide monitor this is the best of CES 2018. Subscribe!...
17:17, 13 января 2018

The Weirdest Tech of CES 2018

CES is a wonderful place full of weird, weird tech gadgets. Trying the World's Thinnest Laptop at CES 2018: Subscribe! Instagram: Twitter: Facebook:
23:21, 12 января 2018

Trying the World's Thinnest Laptop at CES 2018

The Acer Swift 7 claims to be the world's thinnest laptop but are the tradeoffs worth it? The Razer Phone Transforms Into a Laptop: Subscribe! Instagram: Twitter: Facebook:
18:18, 10 января 2018

The Razer Phone Transforms Into a Laptop

With Razer Project Linda, the Razer Phone turns into a proper laptop. Sort of. More CES 2018 coverage! Subscribe! Instagram: Twitter: Facebook:
15:52, 09 января 2018

Ultra Gaming on a $200 PC - GeForce NOW

Checking out Nvidia's GeForce NOW PC game streaming at CES 2018 - now for PC! Get on the (free) GeForce NOW waitlist: Subscribe! Instagram: Twitter: Facebook:
22:56, 08 января 2018

Is the Tesla Model 3 Worth It?

Tesla Model 3: Gadgets don't get bigger than this. I spent the day driving the new Tesla Model 3 but is it worth it? Subscribe to Papa Jake: Jake's personal channel: Beme News: Subscribe! Instagram: Twitter:
19:07, 06 января 2018

How We Make YouTube Videos

A look at how we make video with a little help from an 8K Red camera. Watch the final video: Ken on Twitter: Jimmy on Twitter: Wes on Instagram: Subscribe! Instagram: Twitter: Facebook: https...
16:20, 02 января 2018