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What does iPhonedo mean?
iPhonedo comes from “iPhone Dō”. Dō (道) Means road, channel, path, doctrine, or similar. In Japanese Dō also means discipline.
iPhonedo’s “do” is pronounced like Teakwondo. Phonetically it sounds like iPhone-tho.

I'm not affiliated with any company.
I prepare my own music and my own content.
I like reviewing products and creating interesting content.

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Apple Watch 3 Cellular — No LTE Drama — The Review [4K]

Here is the complete review of Series 3 Apple Watch with Cellular connection. Comparison to Series 1 and Series 2 Watch. On my end, Apple Watch 3 is the best Apple Watch. Unlike those editorial loan devices, my watch's cellular connection works with no problems at all. I was ready to mock this watch six ways to sunday but I end up loving it. My Cameras: Sony a6500: Sony 10-18mm: Sony 16-70mm: h...
21:37, 25 сентября 2017

iPhone 8 — The Complete Review [4K]

Gold iPhone 8 and Space Gray iPhone 8 Plus unboxing, camera, benchmark, augmented reality (ar), speaker portrait mode comparison, stage light test, 40K 60FPS info, wireless charging, fast charging and more! Plus, comparison to iPhone 7 Plus and sometimes to Note 8. Everything you need to know before you purchase the iPhone 8 and 8 Plus. Links I mentioned in the video: Mophie Wireless Charger: RavPower Wireless Charg...
09:03, 23 сентября 2017

Samsung Galaxy Note 8 In-Depth Review by an iPhone User of 10 Years [4K]

Samsung Galaxy Note 8 is my first Android Phone. This is what I think about it as an iPhone "Power User". I also compared it to my current main phone iPhone 7 Plus. I'll be comparing it to the upcoming iPhone 8 and iPhone X as well. I hope you enjoy this review. My Cameras: Sony a6500: Sony 10-18mm: Sony 16-70mm: Sony RX100M5: Sony RX100M4: http://am...
01:04, 15 сентября 2017

iPhone X, 8, 8 Plus — Everything You Need To Know About September 12 Keynote and More [4K]

Everything you need to know about iPhone X, iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus, Apple Watch 3, Apple TV 4K and AirPods and more in 10 minutes! My Cameras: Sony a6500: Sony 10-18mm: Sony 16-70mm: Sony RX100M5: Sony RX100M4: Sony FDR-X3000R: (with live view remote) Sony FDR-X3000: (no live view re...
04:21, 13 сентября 2017

How To Create Wonder Woman Theme Song in GarageBand for iPad — Tutorial [4K]

First, watch the Wonder Woman Theme Song Created in GarageBand: Second: relax, get yourself something to drink and eat, grab your iPad sit with me and let's do this together. Other GarageBand videos: Walking Dead: Silicon Valley: Game of Thrones: Download the GarageBand file: http://...
16:45, 09 сентября 2017

Wonder Woman Theme Song — Created In GarageBand [4K]

This Wonder Woman Theme Song is created entirely in GarageBand for iPad. What you hear is what came out of the app. No additional mix or mastering is applied. The tutorial of how I created this song and the link to the GarageBand file is going to be online very soon. (I'm preparing them right now) I hope you enjoy it! My Cameras: Sony a6500: Sony 10-18mm: Sony 16-70mm: So...
19:04, 08 сентября 2017

A Great Stabilizer for DSLR and Mirrorless Cameras — Zhiyun Crane V2 [4K]

In-depth review of Zhiyun's new Crane, Crane V2. A handheld gimbal stabilizer for mirrorless and DSLR cameras up to 1800g! Also a review of Crane Remote Controller and Extension Handle Also a short visit to Wired Store. Also a shorter visit to Apple Store. Links to the product: Crane V2 - - For Smaller Cameras Crane-M - - That Manfrotto Mini Tripo...
17:00, 01 сентября 2017

This is a 6K 360° 3D VR Video — DJI Spark Tips For Beginners [6K 360° 3D VR]

*re-upload* I highly recommend you to use VR glasses to experience this video in 3D! Thanks to LastPass for partnering with me on this video. Click here to try LastPass for FREE: — DJI Spark: — USB Cable for the remote: — External Battery: (use code doiPhone for 20% off) — External Battery with AC outlet: (use code ...
05:40, 25 августа 2017

This is an 8K 360° Video — Insta360 Pro Review [8K - 360°]

Link to Insta360 Pro: This is an 8K 360° Video! Please set the resolution to 8K for best viewing experience. If you're watching this on your computer you can use the mouse or WASD to look around. If you're on your phone or tablet you can point the device or drag the screen with your finger to look around. If you're using a VR headset just look around. Couple of fun facts about this video. • It took me 20 days to pre...
20:34, 22 августа 2017

Røde VideoMic Pro Plus — In-Depth Review — Comparison to Rode VideoMic Pro [4K]

Røde VideoMic Pro+ In-Depth review and comparison to Rode VideoMic Pro. Links: Rode's website: Rode VideoMic Pro Plus: Rode VideoMic Pro: My Cameras: Sony a6500: Sony 10-18mm: Sony 16-70mm: Sony RX100M5: Sony RX100M4: Sony FDR-X300...
00:54, 15 августа 2017