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~Rutherford via Einstein? (wikiquote)

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Footnote †: Unstable Equilibrium

This video is a footnote for the video about the ring around the earth: Essentially, a ring around the earth is in unstable equilibrium, so it would stay put, but then fall one way or the other as soon as any asymmetry (even thermal or quantum fluctuations) developed. MinutePhysics is on Google+ - And facebook - And twitter - @minutephysics M...
19:39, 19 мая 2017

Ring AROUND the Earth?

Thanks to for sponsoring this video; you can use offer code MINUTEPHYSICS at checkout for 10% off your first purchase. This video is about what would happen if we built a giant ring around earth – what would happen to the ring, that is. Would if fall? Collapse? Start spinning? REFERENCES: Why Isn’t It Faster to Fly West? Video Physics Girl Quarter Shrinking:...
16:13, 19 мая 2017

How Do We Know The Universe Is ACCELERATING?

Support MinutePhysics on Patreon: Aatish Bhatia helped write this video! A big thanks for his help! Here's his blog: The universe is expanding – this we know from looking at red shifts of distant galaxies – but the acceleration of the universe's expansion is harder to measure. It requires measuring the change of recession velocity over time, and it's done by comparing Type Ia ...
12:30, 26 апреля 2017

Can We Survive Curiosity?

There's a March for Science happening all over the world: This is a video about how science is both inherently political and apolitical. And how hopefully we won't end up in nuclear war... REFERENCES: Language acquisition and age of arrival: National Academies of Sciences report on GM...
12:30, 22 апреля 2017

Should You Walk or Run When It's Cold?

Hi! My name is Henry, I make MinutePhysics, and you can support me on Patreon: Is it better to walk or run when it's cold out? If you run, then you have to deal with wind, wind chill, etc, but your body generates more heat. If you stay still, standing or walking slowly, you don't generate as much heat, but don't deal with the wind. Note: the simple calculations in this video don't very well take into accou...
13:30, 30 марта 2017

How to Teleport Schrödinger's Cat

Support me on Patreon: Previous video on No Cloning: How to teleport Schrödinger’s cat: this video presents the full quantum teleportation procedure, in which an arbitrary qubit (spin, etc) is teleported from Alice to Bob by way of a pair of particles entangled in a bell (EPR) state and the transmission of information via a classical channel. Thanks to everyone who supports M...
14:49, 15 марта 2017

The No Cloning Theorem

Support MinutePhysics on Patreon: Three Blue One Brown: Why you can’t clone Schrödinger’s cat: this video presents the full proof of the “No Cloning” Theorem in Quantum Mechanics – without any fancy math! (stereotypical qubit has been replaced with Schrödinger’s cat). The full proof relies on the linearity of quantum (aka unitary) transformations, ...
13:30, 27 декабря 2016

How Perspective Shapes Reality

Thanks to for supporting this video, which is about how the way we describe the world can influence the way we perceive it. In particular, with regards to Bohmian mechanics, Schrodinger wave functions, Feynman path integrals, and Galilean moons attached to Jupiter by springs. Thanks to everyone who supports MinutePhysics on Patreon! Link to Patreon supporters here:
13:30, 17 ноября 2016

What is the Purpose of Life? (Big Picture Ep. 5/5)

This video is about how life arose and what its main function or purpose in the universe seems to be. Thanks to for supporting this video, and to Sean Carroll for collaborating on it! Playlist of the full video series: Link to Patreon supporters here: This video is about how life arose an...
12:30, 26 октября 2016

How Entropy Powers The Earth (Big Picture Ep. 4/5)

This video is about how we don't just need energy to power our lives, we need *low entropy* energy! Thanks to Google Making and Science for supporting this series, and to Sean Carroll for collaborating on it! His book can be found here: Playlist of the full video series: Link to Patreon supp...
13:00, 21 октября 2016