Ripple Training

Founded in 2002, Ripple Training Inc. is an online digital training and content distribution company specializing in software training products and plug-ins for post production professionals. Ripple Training was founded by editor and producer Steve Martin who has over 18 years of experience as an editor, educator, and producer.


FCPX #67: Animating Color Corrections in Final Cut Pro X

In this episode, Mark has a textbook example of why color corrections often need to change over time. Cameras, like GoPros and iPhones attempt to auto-correct the color balance as you move from indoors to outdoors. But often the transition is less than ideal. You'll learn how to use a few properly placed keyframes in Final Cut Pro X's color correctors in order keep your images balanced throughout the shot. New to FCP X? START HERE: https...
12:32, 19 сентября 2018

Resolve in a Rush Ep20 The Fixed Playhead & Scrollers

In the episode, Alexis demonstrates some important audio workflow enhancements in Resolve's Fairlight page. Topics Covered: How to enable Show Fixed Playhead in Fairlight How to enable the video and audio Scrollers How to work with the Scrollers to identify fine audio adjustments Check out our Resolve 15 NEW Features tutorial here:
04:01, 12 сентября 2018

MBS Ep 440: Turning Keywords into Finder Tags

In this MacBreak, Steve sans Mark, shows you how to get your keywords into the Mac's Finder so your movies can be searched. Topics Covered: How to translate your keywords into tags using FindrCat How to use Siri to locate clips with tags How to use Spotlight to locate clips with tags Where to find FindrCat in the Mac App Store: New to FCP X? START HERE:
01:09, 12 сентября 2018

MBS Ep 439 Using Titlemations with Whip Transitions

In this episode, Mark demonstrates some really fun ways to combine Ripple Titlematioins with Whips to build some really cool animations. Topics Covered: How to combine Titlemations to create animated transitions How to add Whips to Titlemations to create cool moves New to FCP X? START HERE: Create COOL Effects in FCP X -
00:49, 06 сентября 2018

Resolve in a Rush Ep19 Using the Annotations Tool

In this episode, Alexis demonstrates the supremely useful annotation tool in Resolve 15. Topics Covered: How to locate the Annotations Tool Add notes to an annotation How to select a shape How to tag annotations with color Check out our Resolve 15 NEW Features tutorial here:
04:47, 29 августа 2018

MBS Ep 438 Proxy Library Sharing in Final Cut Pro X

In this episode, Mark shows you how to set up Final Cut Pro X so you can edit using Proxy media on your laptop or other remote Mac. Topics Covered: How to check if you have Proxy media created What files you'll need to copy (hint: audio and still images) How to trick FCP into thinking that you've deleted Proxy media How to verify all your media is online before disconnecting the drive New to FCP X? START HERE:
03:53, 29 августа 2018

MBS Ep 437 iOS Audio Recording & Editing

In this episode, Steve shows you how to record and edit voice over using an iPad, iPhone and the Twisted Wave sound app. Topics Covered: How to record audio into your iPhone or iPad How to edit your audio How to monitor your audio How to export your audio iRig Pro on amazon - New to FCP X? START HERE: Create COOL E...
03:55, 23 августа 2018

Resolve in a Rush Ep18 Subclip Improvements in Resolve 15

Learn how to quickly create subclips and save them into the Media Pool using Resolve 15. Topics Covered: How to create a subclip How to save a subclip into the media pool How to remove the subclip limits Check out our Resolve 15 NEW Features tutorial here:
04:04, 15 августа 2018

MBS Ep 436 Creating a Netflix Inspired 3D Title

In this episode, Mark uses Apple's Motion to create a cool 3D title animation that gets its design cues from Netflix corporate indent. Topics Covered: How to mimic the Netflix title using Motion's title tool How do create a background for the 3D text to interact with How to animate a color on the title How to add a cast shadow to the 3D title New to FCP X? START HERE: Create COOL Effects in FCP...
03:07, 15 августа 2018

MBS Ep 435 Glassy Slideshow Plugin in FCP X

In this episode, Steve showcases iDustrial design's XEffects Glassy Slideshow plugin for Final Cut Pro X. Topics Covered: How to set up your photos for animation How to animate your photos with XEffects How to create layered glassy looks How to add a glassy transition and titles New to FCP X? START HERE: Create COOL Effects in FCP X - https://www.yout...
21:38, 08 августа 2018