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my Beef with Dave2D

Settling the beef with Dave2D. Loser edits a video on the Google Pixel Slate! p.s. this video was edited on iPad Pro :) The Mac Mini Thiccccc Boi setup: MONSTER iPAD REVIEW IS COMING! Catch up on all things iPad to prepare your mind: TLD Behind the Scenes!
05:04, 07 декабря 2018

20 Cyber Monday Tech Deals That don’t Suck

The Mac Mini Thiccccc Boi setup: The Black Friday tech deals kind of sucked so here are 20 last minute Cyber Monday tech deals that didn't! ***The Deals And Things I Mentioned In The Video Thingy*** Barrel of Monkeys!!!: That Galaxy S9/Echo Spot DOTY: THANOS INFINITY GAUNTLET!: Acer 23.8 IPS Single G Big Boy Monitor: ...
00:29, 27 ноября 2018

The Perfect Mac Mini Setup 2018!

This is the perfect mac mini setup for 2018! This setup is triple big boy certified, SO much room for activities! Get your own BIGGG boy monitor from Viewsonic: The iPad Pro is more than Pro ;) ***The things with the stuff on the things!*** IKEA Table I Can't Pronounce: ViewSonic BIGGG Monitor: https...
21:04, 24 ноября 2018

Pro Engineer tries to Mix Music on iPad Pro for first time

Subscribe for the full 2018 iPad Pro review! Making a beat on the 2018 iPad Pro - Grammy winning Engineer Ken Lewis tries mixing a song with Henny the Bizness on iPad Pro for the first time ever. So. Much. Talent! How to make beats on iPad - I tried to edit a video on the iPad Pro 😬 https://y...
05:07, 24 ноября 2018

iPad Pro - the Future of Music

The iPad Pro music review ft. Henny Tha Bizness & Ken Lewis creating/producing a beat from start to finish! How to make beats on iPad - I tried to edit a video on the iPad Pro 😬 The Best Music apps for iPad + iOS! Subscribe for the full iPad Pro review! KEN LEWIS 🙌🏼 This is...
07:32, 22 ноября 2018

I tried to edit an ENTIRE video on iPad Pro...

The Wireless iPad Pro Mac Mini Setup! Video editing on the iPad Pro? I thought it'd be a fun/stupid idea to try and edit an entire video from start to finish on the 2018 iPad Pro and honestly, it surprised me big time. Subscribe for the full iPad Pro review! Entire edited video! Edited on LumaFusion! This is the new 2018 MacBook Air!
23:24, 19 ноября 2018

the wireless iPad Pro touchscreen Mac Mini Setup!

macOS on an iPad Pro? The 2018 iPad Pro works as a wireless touchscreen display for the new Mac mini and it's kind of amazing. Subscribe for the full iPad Pro review! Luna Display by Astropad: What you need to make you own setup! Mac Mini (Any 2018 model will do): iPad Pro (11 or 13 inch): Luna Display:
19:23, 17 ноября 2018

The 2018 MacBook Air is Better than You Think

2018 iPad Pro Day One Review! My 2018 MacBook Air Unboxing + Day One thoughts. Between the Retina display, T2 chip, Touch ID, Battery life & more, people are a little confused and it's better than you might think. Subscribe to Justine! Subscribe to TLD! iJustine's Gold 2018 MacBook Air Unbo...
06:34, 07 ноября 2018

New iPad Pro Day One Review! (2018)

I've spent 72 hours with the new 2018 12.9"iPad Pro. Here's my initial unboxing and day one launch review. Let me know what you'd like to see covered in the follow up in-depth review! iPhone XR Giveaway! ► Subscribe to Justine's channel: ► Subscribe to mine: This is the new 2018 MacBook Air!...
17:02, 05 ноября 2018

New 2018 iPad Pro - Why Everyone Should be Excited.

I was wrong about the Pixel 3 🤦🏻‍♂️ Subscribe for my 2018 iPad Pro unboxing & review! This is the new 2018 MacBook Air! The new iPad Pro is insane. The A12X Bionic, thinner bezels, improved pencil, thinner design. It's not even close right now. Which has the best smartphone camera? The Definitive iPhone XR Review: iPhone XR ...
03:57, 02 ноября 2018