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‘I’m an Arab, I love you!’ Israelis hug a blindfolded Arab kid in show of solidarity

Footage from 2016 shows a social experiment conducted by an Arab kid. He stood in the center of Tel Aviv with a sign that read: 'I’m an Arab and I love you. Hug me if you love me back' in Hebrew, English and Arabic. RT LIVE Check out Subscri...
14:59, 04 марта 2019

‘Law makes Israel officially chauvinistic state’ vs ‘Israel most vibrant democracy in Middle East'

The Israeli Prime Minister is digging in, over another large-scale protest in Tel Aviv against the recently-passed 'Nation State Law' - which Arab Israelis claim makes non-Jews second-class citizens. Check out RT LIVE Subscribe to RT! Like ...
20:04, 12 августа 2018

‘Discriminatory’: Arab Israelis protest ‘Jewish nation-state’ law

Chanting ‘resist apartheid’ and ‘we are all brothers’, thousands of protesters rallied in Tel Aviv against the controversial new law that has proclaimed Israel to be the nation-state of just the Jewish people. READ MORE: Check out RT LIVE Su...
10:10, 12 августа 2018

Minority discrimination? Thousands protest against Israel's national self-determination law

Thousands of members of the Druze religious sect, and their supporters, are protesting in the Israeli city of Tel Aviv, against the controversial new nation-state law. Check out RT LIVE Subscribe to RT! Like us on Facebook Follow us on Tel...
19:33, 04 августа 2018

RAW: IDF detain a three-year old in Hebron

Israeli soldiers briefly detained a three-year-old Palestinian boy in the city of Hebron in the West Bank on Thursday. Footage shows the soldiers as they hold the crying child with the boy's father attempting to get his son back. Reportedly, borde...
13:21, 29 марта 2018

US declaration has instigated tension among Arabs & Muslims all over Middle East’ – analyst

Meanwhile the US is boosting security in the region, and has issued a travel alert for Americans there. That's after Friday was declared a Day of Rage, with pro-Palestinian groups vowing that US President Donald Trump will pay dearly for his deci...
09:22, 08 декабря 2017

‘A New Hope’ of S. Arabia: The MSM tradition of praising incoming Saudi kings

Saudi crown-prince Mohammed bin Salman is making the headlines across media - being described as a 'revolutionary' politician and a 'new hope" for Saudi Arabia. He's even leading the race to top Time magazine's 'Person Of The Year' reader's poll. ...
13:15, 27 ноября 2017

‘I can help’: Trump tries global mediation & arbitration and here’s how it goes

The US leader's again offering to help mediate the region's divisive conflicts, as he dives in to the South China Sea dispute. We look closer at his arbitration efforts. RT LIVE Subscribe to RT! Like us on Facebook Follow us on VK Follow us...
12:07, 13 ноября 2017