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'I don't know of any peaceful multi-ethic society' – Dutch FM's leaked video sparks debate

Dutch Foreign Minister Stef Blok has faced a storm of criticism after saying there's no such thing, as a peaceful, multicultural society. The minister also dismissed the former Dutch colony Surinam, as a 'failed state' due to 'ethnic divisions'. R...
12:00, 22 июля 2018

Dutch FM resigns after admitting lie about Putin’s 'Great Russia' ambitions

The Dutch Foreign Minister has quit after revealing on Monday he had lied about a meeting with the Russian President 12 years ago. READ MORE: RT LIVE Subscribe to RT! Like us on Facebook Follow us on Telegram Follow us on VK Follow us on ...
20:56, 13 февраля 2018

'Great Russia'? Dutch FM admits lying about Putin describing land-grab ambitions

The foreign minister of the Netherlands has admitted that he lied about hearing Vladimir Putin talking up ambitions to reform the Soviet Union. The claims were made about the Russian president back in 2016. READ MORE: RT LIVE Subscribe to RT! ...
20:53, 12 февраля 2018