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Seb Zillner at VidCon 2018

Seb Zillner, the sensational saxophonist and composer performed LIVE everyday on the RØDE VidCon 2018 booth! RØDE VidCon host Jana Rosenberg chats to Seb about his VidCon experience and some of the amazing people he's performed with, including Michael Buble! Check out more from Seb at: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCeebndGYRD9KLQcEiccYzmw https://open.spotify.com/artist/7JbVYHCk4gezX4sZTFW50x https://www.facebook.com/sebzillner https://ww...
00:25, 09 июля 2018

See Seb Zillner LIVE at VidCon 2018!

Get excited - RØDE Microphones is coming to VidCon 2018! Located at Expo Hall Booth # 1200, VidCon attendees will be able to experience 3 straight days of LIVE performances by an incredible roster of online video stars! Appearing LIVE Every Day at 10.30am is Los Angeles based multi-instrumentalist Seb Zillner - http://www.sebzillner.com. Wielding his Saxophone, Flute or Duduk, Seb's carefully crafted melodies and beautiful solo passages, pa...
13:57, 01 июня 2018

The Situation - Featuring Montage One and the RØDE Complete Studio Kit

The Situation – Producer needs a track in 30 minutes, but you’re downtown, nowhere near the studio. With the AI1 and NT1 Complete Studio Kit, you can hit that deadline from anywhere. Vocals by @montageone. Audio by RØDE. Find out more at http://www.rode.com/ai1 Hear more from Montage One at: http://www.montageone.com http://www.youtube.com/montageone
22:59, 12 февраля 2018