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Trump's impeachment & anti-hate draft resolution: What keeps democrats awake at night?

US House of Representatives has passed a resolution, condemning hate and intolerance, including anti-Semitism and Muslim discrimination. RT LIVE Check out Subscribe to RT! Like us on Facebook Follow us on VK Follow us on Twitter Follow ...
14:38, 08 марта 2019

'I do not believe in moderate Islam, but I do believe in moderate people' - Geert Wilders (SophieCo)

The rise of the political right is being felt across Europe and the Netherlands is no exception, where controversial politician Geert Wilders, a veteran of the game, took second place with his party in this year’s elections. Will his radical polic...
14:27, 15 декабря 2017

The Stan Collymore Show: England’s star forward Lianne Sanderson on recent racism scandal (teaser)

Coming up this Friday on The Stan Collymore Show. The recent racism scandal at Women’s England National Team rocked the foundations of football. Eni Aluko’s explosive allegations against now former manager Mark Sampson not only led to his sacking,...
08:01, 15 ноября 2017

Anti-Islam agenda promoted from the top in US – former unofficial adviser to Obama

The heated language of Trump’s presidential campaign is affecting American Muslims, who find themselves increasingly on the receiving end of hate crimes. A year into Trump’s presidency, how will his words and decisions affect the country’s Islamic...
14:08, 13 ноября 2017